Walnut Jaggery Mess

One of the most easiest and the most reliable recipes. It is just melting the jaggery to a liquid and mixing in the walnuts. The walnuts get a sweet coating and they taste amazing. A recipe is not really needed for this. You can just go by instinct if you wish to. The jaggery can be melted by using some oil or ghee. It can also be melted without any fat added or with just a tiny amount of water.

The quantity of jaggery in the recipe below is just enough to cover the walnuts. More jaggery can be added to make it more sweet or to shape brittle bars.

Walnut Jaggery Mess Recipe 


  • Walnuts: 1 cup
  • Jaggery (powdered/ pieces): 3/4th¬† cup
  • Oil/Ghee: 1 tbsp


  • Heat the fat (oil/butter/ghee) in a thick pan and add the jaggery to it
  • Melt the jaggery on low heat. Keep stirring
  • Grease a plate with oil so that the hot jaggery mix can be placed on it
  • Once the jaggery melts completely add the walnut pieces and mix so that the walnuts get an even coating of the jaggery
  • Turn off the heat and immediately transfer the contents of the pan to the greased plate
  • Press the hot walnut-jaggery mix and break into pieces once it cools down

Alternate Options:

  • The jaggery can be melted without the oil/ghee. A very small amount of water can be added to melt the jaggery
  • The amount of jaggery can be increased to give the walnuts a good coating and to increase the sweetness
  • Brittle bars can be made with jaggery and walnuts

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