Ridge Gourd Tomato Curry

Ridge Gourd Tomato Curry

Ridge Gourd

Ridge gourd is not often used in cooking, but when you do it is delicious. Also know as Luffa, Dodka, Beerakaya and Chinese Okra. Once you peel the skin you are left with a softer vegetable. I like to cut out a tiny piece and taste each gourd before cooking. Sometimes it is bitter and using a bitter gourd ruins the curry. So I always do a taste test before cooking. I also use the entire vegetable, seeds included. Tomatoes give the juice for cooking and also provide the color. Tiny pieces of potatoes can be added to the gourd. Curry and coriander leaves give the flavor kick to the vegetables.


Rigde gourd 1 Ridge gourd 2 Ridge gourd 3


Ridge Gourd: 2

Onion: 1 medium sized

Tomatoes: 2 large

Mustard seeds

Turmeric Powder

Chilli Powder

Curry leaves

Coriander leaves

Ginger-Garlic Paste (optional)





  • Peel the ridge gourd skin and cut into pieces
  • Chop the onion
  • Cut the tomatoes into small pieces


  • Heat oil in a wok
  • Add 1/4tsp of mustard seeds and allow them to crackle in the hot oil
  • Add the chopped onions and let it cook for a minute
  • Add 1/4tsp of ginger-garlic paste (optional)
  • Add a pinch on turmeric powder
  • Add the tomatoes and keep cooking for about 2mins
  • Add about 1tsp if chilli powder and stir the onion tomato mixture
  • Add few curry leaves
  • Add in the ridge gourd pieces
  • Place a lid on the wok and reduce the flame
  • On medium flame, allow the ridge gourd to cook
  • The tomatoes will leave out the water sufficient for the gravy
  • Add salt and keep stirring the curry
  • The ridge gourd will take about 8-10mins to cook on medium flame
  • Once the gourd is cooked serve with a little coriander garnish

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