Outside Source: Best Teas According to Blood Type!

Outside Source: Best Teas According to Blood Type!

Here is a list of teas for each blood type from  http://www.everydayinbox.com/best-teas-according-to-blood-type/

Blood type A

People with this blood type are emotional and analytically individuals who strongly react to stress. Coffee does not harm health, but there are herbal substitutions that are better

Recommended tea:

Green tea;

Jasmine tea;

The combination of green tea and jasmine tea;

Tea Marigold;

Tea Thyme;

Mixture of marigold tea and thyme;

Blood type B

These people often have a slower metabolism and are prone to obesity, insomnia and chronic fatigue. Have a strong digestive system which can further help with consumption of tea.

Recommended tea:

Rooibos tea or red tea;

Green tea;

Tea balm;

Sage tea;

Tea Bose;

Mixture of tea balm, sage and elderberry;

Blood type AB

Members of this blood type are very intuitive and great to deal with stress. But their Achilles heel is their libido. They are advised to avoid coffee and tea sustitutes.

Recommended tea:

Mint tea;

Green tea;

A mixture of mint and green tea;

Yellow tea;

Peony tea;

Tea Cranberry;

Blood type O

People with this blood type should avoid milk and gluten. Although it is highly resistant to stress, their weak point stomach upsets caused by increased stomach acids. Coffee does not affect the blood type.

Recommended tea:

Ginger tea;

Tea Ginseng;

Tea Mate;

Sencha green tea.

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