Easy Murukku

Crispy, crunchy & yum. Made in a jiffy 

This is straight from the festive Janmashtami list-of-snacks-to-make. This is the first time I made Murukku from scratch and was quite surprised at the simplicity of the process. Mixing the ingredients and making a dough is of course easy. The frying part is the same. “Keep the heat at medium” – “Don’t burn what your frying” – “Turn to cook evenly” etc etc. Same as any deep fried recipe. We were a bit ambitious this time and took a quantitative approach. So the only pinch I felt was standing for a long time and frying one batch after the other. All in all, making murukku is really simple. It has a shelf life of one week, if stored in an air tight container. The one cooking equipment that is necessary is the Murukku / Chakli press. That is it.

Another traditional deep fried snack that is really easy to make is Sev (recipe link) which is made out of chickpea flour / Besan. Do check it out.

Make a dough || Load the press || Deep fry

Murukku Recipe 

Cookin Tools(affiliate links): Deep Frying Pan, Murukku Press


  • Rice Flour: 2 cups
  • Roasted gram: 1/4 cup
  • Mong dal: 1/4 cup
  • Butter: 2 tbsp
  • Cumin seeds: 1 tsp
  • Asafoetida
  • Salt
  • Oil for deep frying


  • Dry roast the moong dal & then slightly roast the gram
  • Grind the roasted dals to a fine powder and sieve the powder into a large bowl
  • Now add the rice flour, cumin seeds, salt and a pinch of asafoetida powder. Mix well
  • Add the butter & mix the contents
  • Keep adding small amount of water and make a firm dough. Once done, cover the dough & keep it aside
  • Heat oil for deep frying in a large kadai / pan
  • Grease the inner side of the cylinder of the press
  • Take a small amount of dough and load the press
  • Once the oil is hot reduce the heat to medium
  • Apply pressure so that the dough comes out in the murukku shape and directly drop them into the oil
  • Cook over medium flame and flip the murukku so that it is cooked evenly on both sides
  • Once done, remove from the oil and place it on an absorbent paper to get rid of the excess oil

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