Yep. That is me, the idiot behind this blog.


I am glad you are here. My name is Abhishek and apart from blogging, I fight crime in the night. Nah, I wish I did. Anyway, I am a Radio Jockey, VO artist, Corporate trainer and PR guy. So I keep writing a lot of stuff and also about my sporting passion basketball. Love to keep things fresh and interesting, I feel that keeps the creative juices flowing.


I grew up with people who literally used to greet every human being by asking ” Do yo want to eat something??”. Food was a big part. I started off by helping in the kitchen and learning from Mom. Then came phases where “survival cooking” was needed and then slowly I started enjoying the process. I wanted to document the cooking I was learning and that eventually led to Spicejoint.


Some music, something to drink and cooking, now that is therapeutic. Between cooking and blogging, I think I secretly like cooking more. But I am trying to make things more brighter and lets see what happens. I keep travelling a lot and that gives me a great chance to explore the food trails.

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